Grow Your Own

Gourmet Mushrooms Kits

Grow gourmet mushrooms right on your kitchen counter!!

As easy as "open...mist...harvest" Everything you need to grow your own quality gourmet mushrooms. Eating mushrooms for good health and as an alternative medicine.

Culinary delights!

Everyday stock in East Vancouver of our staple varieties such as Pink and Blue Oyster, Lion's Mane and Chestnut Mushroom kits on hand. Supplied from local farms, where they practice sustainable farming in Abbotsford and Pemberton BC

Grow your own gourmet mushrooms in just 10-14 days, yielding 2 harvests from each kit!

Everything you need to grow your mushrooms can be found inside the box, including a fully colonized mushroom substrate, spray bottle, instruction sheet, and a few recipes.

Guaranteed to Grow!!

Your fresh Mushrooms are guaranteed to grow! You will be able to yield 2-3 separate harvests from your mushroom kit. After the second or third harvest, spread your spent substrate in your garden which will enrich the soil while supplying healthy nutrients for your plants or continue to grow more mushrooms by buying sterilized substrate.