Protect Now – Organic Chaga 8:1 Dual Extract Capsules


Fight Free Radicals and Prevent Cell Damage with the Antioxidant Power of PROTECT Now Chaga Mushroom Extract Capsules

High potency PROTECT Now Chaga mushroom extract capsules are made from an 8:1 dual extract of organic, wild harvested chaga sclerotia (the part of the chaga that grows on the outside of a tree).

Chaga contains SOD (superoxide dismutase), an enzyme that breaks down superoxide radicals that are damaging to your body’s cells. Many think of it as an anti-aging serum that works from the inside out to protect cells from becoming damaged. An ancient sacred medicine for some indigenous groups across Canada (the Cree, Denesuline, and Ojibway) and a mushroom of cultural importance for the people of Russia and Siberia, chaga is known for both ritual and remedy.

Today we know that chaga mushroom powder extracts have one of the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) values on the planet. This is a measure of how effective a substance is at neutralizing free radicals in the body. Chaga has about 50 times the number of antioxidants as blueberries! Essentially, chaga mushroom supplements can prevent damage to DNA that might be caused by oxidation from a poor diet or chemicals in the environment. This means less stress on the body, slower aging, and the prevention of many diseases.

Protect what you love!

Health Canada NPN: 80116268


  • THE MOMENT – If you’re feeling your age and inflammation has your skin or joints out of sorts, this is the moment to protect what’s precious with chaga’s free radical fighting forces!
  • WHOLE FRUITING BODY – 8:1 dual extracted for maximum bioavailability of beneficial compounds (no grains or growing substrate)
  • GROWN ON WOOD – wild harvested at maturity and USDA organic certified (not lab grown)
  • THERAPEUTIC POTENCY – 3600mg quantity crude equivalent in just 1 organic certified vegan capsule with verified beta-d-glucans (29%), triterpenes (23%), and betulinic acid (3%)
  • PLANET POSITIVE REFILL SYSTEM – 60 vegan capsules come in an infinitely reusable glass jar with metal lid – order a 100% home compostable refill pouch when you’re ready for more. Refill. Reuse. Reduce. Repeat. Zero plastic and ZERO WASTE!


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All Natural Anti-inflammatory Support from Medicinal Mushrooms – Chaga Extract PROTECT Now Capsules!

PROTECT yourself from free radicals that cause premature aging and inflammation the natural way with Chaga mushroom extract capsules!  Experts suggest thinking of chaga like an anti-aging serum that works from the inside out. Chaga has been shown to help those with psoriasis and the arthritis associated with it; psoriatic arthritis. A Russian study that tested 50 patients with psoriasis found that with consistent use of extracts, 14 patients were completely cured and the others had significant improvements – with NO SIDE EFFECTS!

As far back as the 1200s, chaga mushroom benefits have been shared across many cultures and multiple generations. These groups didn’t call chaga an adaptogen, but they knew they enjoyed how it helped their bodies adapt to the stress from their environment. It gave them healthier skin and helped with lung problems.

Today we know that chaga mushrooms like those used to make PROTECT Now, get their superpowers (triterpenoids and betulinic acid) from the birch trees on which they grow. The trees are a source of betulin, which ends up inside the chaga mushroom as it grows outward from the tree. Chaga mushroom powder extracts that aren’t made from wild harvested mushrooms are often very low in beneficial compounds because they are grown on grain (with no source of betulin) and end up as mycelium on grain with no sclerotia.

Eversio’s PROTECT Now is a potent and highly effective mushroom supplement that contains organic chaga whole sclerotia medicinal mushrooms as an 8:1 dual extract for a full therapeutic dose of all beneficial compounds in just one capsule.

Medicinal Ingredients

PROTECT NOW – Organic Chaga 8:1 Dual Extract Capsules

Medicinal Ingredients per 1 capsule:

*USDA Organic Certified Chaga Mushroom (8:1 Dual Extract) 450mg
(Inonotus obliquus, fruiting body) Quantity Crude Equivalent…3600mg

Beta-D-glucans: 29%
Triterpenes: 24%
Betulinic Acid: 3.76%

Non-medicinal ingredients: *USDA Organic Certified Pullulan (vegan capsule), dicalcium phosphate, magnesium stearate.

We believe in 100% transparency – take a look at the COAs (Certificates of Analysis) from our 3rd party labs.

Health Canada – Natural Health Product – Mushrooms Monograph – March 25, 2019

Products containing Inonotus obliquus

  • Source of fungal polysaccharides with immunomodulating properties


Adults 18 years and older

Quantities: acceptable doses (grams/day)

Not to exceed 3600mg of dried fruiting body per day


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